Blockchain technology can be leveraged for improving public health by providing a secure, scalable and efficient exchange of health data.

Health data can be obtained from various sources like Electronic Health records, data from mobile devices, IoT, wearables, Genomic data and clinical trials We are specifically interested in Oncology-related data for the initial phase.

Transformative solutions in healthcare can be achieved through a synergetic collaboration between healthcare researchers and providers to obtain a 360-degree view of patients’ data. Presently there is hardly any system in place that can enable patients to share their health data with researchers securely for research purposes. Blockchain technology, can create opportunities for massive advancements in healthcare by enabling patients to share their health data securely which will promote organizations to work together them with increased trust.

Blockchain technology provides accountability and transparency in the data exchange process. In the past, breaches of patient privacy concerns limited the large scale sharing of health data during the data exchange process.

We are working with healthhcare researchers to understand the potential use cases of blockchain framework that can benefit public health through information exchange across various types of data like clinical trials data also evidence data.

New insights from these data can lead to significant biomedical breakthroughs. This may impact public health positively. With immense expertise in blockchain technology,our focus will be on defining as well as building scalable technological solution for a decentralized data sharing system.